Real Wedding, Part 1 | Kristin & Brody

We love to here the details about couples that we photograph! We photographed Kristin and Brody’s wedding, so we asked them to share with us about their engagement and wedding. Here, in Part 1, Kristin gives us the her answers about their budding romance. Next week, we’ll here about their wedding in Part 2.

How did you first meet?
Brody and I met while we were working at the Isle Casino Hotel in Waterloo. He was a beverage attendant while I was a cashier on the casino floor. He constantly walked past the cage, even though he really didn’t have to. Then he started winking at me. We’re both pretty confident, so I winked back.

After about a month of this, along with some small breakroom banter, he couldn’t resist. He asked for my number. “Hard-to-get” was my angle. He stopped by my window so many times that night, I’m sure his tips suffered!

Finally, I asked if he was good at math. So a few more stops later, he had my number in individual equations. Before his shift was over he came back and asked if he had the right number. I told him he’d have to wait until I was off and see if I answered. After that, we were fast friends.

How did you know they were the one?
On Halloween, he asked me if we could make it “offricial” (he had a few too many to drink). Then, on our month anniversary, he took me to a nice restaurant. Monthly anniversaries aren’t a thing to me, so this made it apparent he was a sappy romantic!

Afterwards, he gave me a 12-picture frame. In the top corner was that silly business card and my math equations. He said for every month together, we’ll put something in there. This is where (looking back at it) he must’ve known I was the one.

A few months later, a career change took me to Wausau, Wisconsin, six hours away from Waterloo. It didn’t even phase him. He just asked when we needed to be there and when we start apartment hunting. There was no pause or consideration if we should do a distance relationship. That’s when I knew for sure he’s it.

Tell us about the proposal!
We were coming up on Halloween and our year anniversary, so we had planned to go out to a nice restaurant in Wausau. A few days before, Brody decided it couldn’t wait. So he made sure my assistant got me out of work promptly because he was going to be ready to go that night.

When I got back to the apartment though, he was sitting on the couch-completely unready. Then, unlike him, he went into super-speed mode and wanted to leave right away! I had my dress on, I just couldn’t decide on shoes. He wasn’t much help, either, because he was itching to get out the door.

By now, I realized what was going on and I should just pick some cute shoes. I never wear heels, so that was my chance to wear really cute ones that have never left the box. I hobbled down the steps as he was not-so-patiently waiting at the door. I know I asked where we were eating before the door closed. He said we’d figure it out as we were driving.

Two steps away from the car he stopped and said there was something wrong with my ruffle on my shoe. I was already in happy tears by the time he asked “will you ‘offricially’ be my fiance?” (Those shoes walked me down the aisle to the rest of my life with this silly man).

Check back next week for the rest of Kristin and Brody’s Real Wedding!

Engagement Session | Rebekah & Jason

I love when couples get a book or album of their images! Rebekah and Jason have this great book to use at their wedding as a guest book!

We did their engagement session in Marion because that was where they first met and also where Jason proposed! It’s fun when the location for a session has special meaning like that. We then went through the images to choose their favorites. These images were designed into the 20 page book, along with open, “negative” space where guests will be able to write.

There are some questions about the couple to serve as writing prompts, as well as pages that are without text. I see guests flipping through books like this at weddings. They love to see the couple, and their personality, from the engagement session. Then, they will often write a thoughtful, loving note to the couple.

Rebekah and Jason will be able to return to the images and words in this book to remember all the love from their wedding day and I’m so excited for them to have it as a keepsake!

Bridal Show Special – Limited Time

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2017 bridal show special

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Bridal Show Bonus!

wedding expo special ad save money off photography and photo booth rental packages bride and groom“Congratulations on getting engaged–when’s the big day? When are you getting married?” That is the question all newly engaged couples get: when will the wedding take place.

The first, most important step in planning your wedding is setting the date.

It makes sense that setting the date comes first. In the beginning, you probably have a little more flexibility. You might think fall would be a great time to get married, but would be willing to go with September or October. You might think a casual, barn-themed reception would be nice, if you can find a location with an open weekend. You might want your ceremony at your grandparents’ church, so you need to pick a date that they are able to schedule your wedding.

Knowing your wedding date allows you to ask other wedding professionals about their availability. Often, other wedding professionals won’t be able to lock in your wedding until they know the date. Some businesses, like florists and bakers, may work with several brides and grooms on any particular weekend. Other businesses, like wedding coordinators, photographers or DJs may only book one couple on a date.

Once brides and grooms get the location and date locked in for their ceremony and reception, they will feel more confident moving on to the other planning.

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Engagement Session | Paradise Springs

Paradise Springs is a unique natural park near Eagle, Wisconsin. And it was a special place for Laura and Joe to have their engagement session because they got engaged near there.

The mix of history and old ruins of Paradise Springs makes a great story. From the late 1800’s, people enjoyed the spring water and it’s the former site of a bottled water facility that closed in the 1960’s. There are even the remains of a fancy resort hotel that was built near the springs. The old architecture, along with the contrast between the property’s former life and the natural woods that cover it now, makes for an amazing portrait session location!

engagement session park fall leaves water abandoned building

engagement session outdoor fall colors park

Engagement Guest Book | Kristen & Nick

Kristen and Nick were able to show off their gorgeous park engagement session to all their wedding guests with a Guest Book album. We put almost 30 of their favorite images within the pages, leaving space for guests to answer cute little questions, write their own congratulations or just sign their names. The best part about a guest book like this is that they get to flip through and see all the fun images of the couple. These images really let Kristen and Nick’s personality shine through. Plus we did the session at a location that was important to them, so it gives the guests more of a peek into who they are.

Check out more of Kristen and Nick’s engagement session here.

Engagement Guest Book for kent park location session

Kristen & Nick | Location Engagement Session

Engagement series beach at sunset applebyphoto

It’s fun for us to do location sessions when the spot has special meaning. Kristen and Nick asked us to photograph their engagement session at F.W. Kent Park. This was an important place to them because it’s where they first became an “official” couple. Plus, they loved to visit the park and beach.

It was a very warm evening, but the lighting was amazing. We walked with Kristen and Nick on the trail around the lake, using the historic county road bridges that were relocated there. We then finished up with sunset photos on the beach. It was great to capture a variety of looks and to see Kristen and Nick interacting with each other. We are so excited to photograph their wedding soon!

engagement session at park by appleby photo

engagement session photographed on location at a beach at sunset by applebyphoto

Wedding Advice from Corridor Professionals

Are you planning your wedding?

Is it a little overwhelming with all the things you are expected to know? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was someone that could tell you what big, important details should be done and when? Do you wish there were some tricks to organizing your big day–and maybe even save you money?

It would be nice to know that an important step many couples miss is creating signage for their wedding day, especially at the reception. Or to be reminded to have your spray tan done before your wedding day make-up trial so the colors look right with your tan. And fun ideas like using a variety of delicious desserts instead of centerpieces at each table saves money because they do double-duty.

Extra help, tips and advice can make your wedding planning easier. Head over to Corridor Wedding Guide; there is a regular column filled with such help. Interviews with local wedding professionals are full of their brilliant suggestions and fresh ideas.


I’ve had the chance to talk to many smart people who work with brides and grooms every day. They’re great about offering their knowledge to couples who are getting married. Head to Corridor Wedding Guide now to read through some articles and learn how to make your wedding planning easier–and better!

Downtown Urban-Country Engagement Session

I love using urban architecture when photographing people. The location will often give a vibe to the style of the session. When using a quaint, old downtown, the urban feel is less high-tech city and a little more country. That was the perfect setting for Stephanie and Tim’s  engagement session. Their cowboy hat and boots fit right into the old downtown and college campus of Mount Vernon.