About Me

becky headshotI am a business owner, photographer and freelance writer.

It amazes me that, after so many years, I still get tears in my eyes at ceremonies. That emotional connection I feel with the wedding couple reminds me that they are more than just a “bride” and a “groom”, but that they’re friends, with their own unique story to tell that day.

Having children of my own, I feel photographs are important to help me remember all those moments that pass away too quickly, like the tiny smile of my baby son or my daughter’s missing front tooth. I love looking back and reminiscing about the “old times,” seeing how far my children have come and wondering where life will take them, knowing I have preserved our family history before it slipped away.

This is what I want for my clients.

The same qualities that are important to us within my family are important to me in business, as well. Open communication, trust, and love are strong elements that hold it all together. And I hope it shows. I love what I do and I want to welcome my clients into my family.

I received my degree in Professional Photography. While in college, I studied Portrait, Photojournalism, and Commercial photography.

Call today to discuss how I’ll capture your portraits that will become your family’s treasured artwork.