Sarah and Rich’s wedding

We were working on another album today and wanted to share a few photographs. Sarah and Rich were married this summer and we LOVE the dock shot! The one with the flowers in the foreground will be in our Wedding Planer & Guide 2007 ad.


Katherine is a two year old that we photographed yesterday. Her mother wanted to re-create a photograph that was taken of herself when she was a child, with Katherine wearing the same dress and with the same hair style. Katherine did a pretty good job of working with us!

Christmas dresses

I was excited to find matching dresses for our daughters, Madalyn and Lydia, to wear for Christmas! (They will probably hate me for making them wear matching clothes later!) Here are some shots from our Christmas Card session. The photos belie the effort it took to get the girls to both cooperate at the same time.

Lydia is 9 months old

Our youngest daughter, Lydia, is nine months old. She currently weighs in at 16 pounds, 7 ounces and is 28.25 inches long. It is amazing how fast time has flown by since she was born. She is so much fun to watch and everyday she is learning something new! Lydia has been crawling since she turned 6 months and “cruising” on furniture since 6.5 months, however she shows no signs of being interested in walking yet. Here is a nice shot from her 9 month photo shoot.


Welcome to our blog! This blog will let you get to know us, our family and our photography through our posts. We are excited to share our lives with you, as we consider you part of our circle of friends.