How To Get Your Must-Have Wedding Photos From Your Photographer

I have an article on Hearts On Fire, a global diamond company, that I think you’ll enjoy! Check it out for my wedding planning advice!

You spend months planning the perfect wedding, then it flies by in a whirl of excitement. Hiring a professional photographer ensures all your special moments are captured flawlessly. Having beautiful wedding pictures preserves the love and joy you’ll share with family and friends on your wedding day.

I give my best tips for getting gorgeous wedding photos over on the Hearts on Fire website:

  • Be Prepared
  • Create a Must-Have List
  • Surprise Your Guests, Not Your Photographer
  • Enlist Family Help
  • Do a First Look

Go check it out for all the details on how to make sure your day runs smoothly while getting all the photographs that you want from your wedding day. Speaking of getting all the photographs you want:

Also, I give you the list of ‘Must-Have” wedding photos! 
This suggested list will help organize the family groupings, events, and special details you’ll want me (or your photographer, if it’s not me) to capture.

Read the whole article on Hearts on Fire for tips about planning your wedding photography. I give some great wedding photography advice you won’t want to miss!

Real Wedding, Part 2 | Kristin & Brody

Last week, Kristin shared about her engagement to Brody. You can read about it and see some wedding photographs here. This week, we’ll hear about their Real Wedding details, which took place in Dubuque, Iowa and included location photography at Mines of Spain Park.

What was the theme and color palette for your wedding day?
Once in Cedar Rapids, we realized this is where we really want to be. Our wedding had to be in Iowa. We didn’t really want anything over the top, just a big enough space for our big families and friends and something fun. Our colors were eggplant and light gray. We never really got an official color! His favorite color is red and mine is blue. We decided it wasn’t fair to do one of those, so combined they make purple.

What was your most memorable wedding moment or favorite part of your wedding?
One of the most memorable parts of our wedding was our officiant who couldn’t pronounce my name right during the ceremony! We’d met previously and she didn’t mispronounce it then, so I don’t know what happened. Taking pictures beforehand and catching up with friends and family follow.

What advice would you have for other couple’s getting married?
My advice: if you have a really opinionated husband-to-be, be prepared to fight for what you really want. I never had a childhood dream of the perfect wedding, but I always wanted something small. He definitely disagreed. And he had an opinion on everything. It was frustrating at the time, but that was further proof that I could marry him and not kill him. Don’t let others barge in and try to make decisions for you. It’s not worth your sanity or time. We had a nit-picky aunt. Don’t let anything stress you out. There’s always a workaround and people willing to help if needed.

What do the wedding photographs mean to you? Why are they important?
Wedding photos. Oh goodness, I was so excited once I got the proofs in my hand. They allow to relive that day and remember the things your brain wasn’t focused on at the time. I passed my proof book around my family and shared stories and even memories of previous times.

It’s interesting to see what others thought of your dress, flowers, decorations, speeches, cake, and even the photo booth. (We’re going to be putting together a collage of some of the goofy pictures from the photo booth, too!) You get that family photo that’s treasured. You get that feeling full of love over and over again looking at your pictures.

Thank you to Kristin and Brody for sharing about their special day, from the engagement and the wedding details to how they felt about the photographs after the wedding.

Real Wedding, Part 1 | Kristin & Brody

We love to here the details about couples that we photograph! We photographed Kristin and Brody’s wedding, so we asked them to share with us about their engagement and wedding. Here, in Part 1, Kristin gives us the her answers about their budding romance. Next week, we’ll here about their wedding in Part 2.

How did you first meet?
Brody and I met while we were working at the Isle Casino Hotel in Waterloo. He was a beverage attendant while I was a cashier on the casino floor. He constantly walked past the cage, even though he really didn’t have to. Then he started winking at me. We’re both pretty confident, so I winked back.

After about a month of this, along with some small breakroom banter, he couldn’t resist. He asked for my number. “Hard-to-get” was my angle. He stopped by my window so many times that night, I’m sure his tips suffered!

Finally, I asked if he was good at math. So a few more stops later, he had my number in individual equations. Before his shift was over he came back and asked if he had the right number. I told him he’d have to wait until I was off and see if I answered. After that, we were fast friends.

How did you know they were the one?
On Halloween, he asked me if we could make it “offricial” (he had a few too many to drink). Then, on our month anniversary, he took me to a nice restaurant. Monthly anniversaries aren’t a thing to me, so this made it apparent he was a sappy romantic!

Afterwards, he gave me a 12-picture frame. In the top corner was that silly business card and my math equations. He said for every month together, we’ll put something in there. This is where (looking back at it) he must’ve known I was the one.

A few months later, a career change took me to Wausau, Wisconsin, six hours away from Waterloo. It didn’t even phase him. He just asked when we needed to be there and when we start apartment hunting. There was no pause or consideration if we should do a distance relationship. That’s when I knew for sure he’s it.

Tell us about the proposal!
We were coming up on Halloween and our year anniversary, so we had planned to go out to a nice restaurant in Wausau. A few days before, Brody decided it couldn’t wait. So he made sure my assistant got me out of work promptly because he was going to be ready to go that night.

When I got back to the apartment though, he was sitting on the couch-completely unready. Then, unlike him, he went into super-speed mode and wanted to leave right away! I had my dress on, I just couldn’t decide on shoes. He wasn’t much help, either, because he was itching to get out the door.

By now, I realized what was going on and I should just pick some cute shoes. I never wear heels, so that was my chance to wear really cute ones that have never left the box. I hobbled down the steps as he was not-so-patiently waiting at the door. I know I asked where we were eating before the door closed. He said we’d figure it out as we were driving.

Two steps away from the car he stopped and said there was something wrong with my ruffle on my shoe. I was already in happy tears by the time he asked “will you ‘offricially’ be my fiance?” (Those shoes walked me down the aisle to the rest of my life with this silly man).

Check back next week for the rest of Kristin and Brody’s Real Wedding!

Engagement Session | Rebekah & Jason

I love when couples get a book or album of their images! Rebekah and Jason have this great book to use at their wedding as a guest book!

We did their engagement session in Marion because that was where they first met and also where Jason proposed! It’s fun when the location for a session has special meaning like that. We then went through the images to choose their favorites. These images were designed into the 20 page book, along with open, “negative” space where guests will be able to write.

There are some questions about the couple to serve as writing prompts, as well as pages that are without text. I see guests flipping through books like this at weddings. They love to see the couple, and their personality, from the engagement session. Then, they will often write a thoughtful, loving note to the couple.

Rebekah and Jason will be able to return to the images and words in this book to remember all the love from their wedding day and I’m so excited for them to have it as a keepsake!

Family And Baby Portrait Session

I was so happy that Erin and Marty asked me to photograph their family. Their daughter Ellie was just turning one year old and it was the perfect time to capture her personality and to get the three of them together.

Often, young children have a very small window of time that they want to cooperate for photographs. To make it easy on everyone, we did the whole session in the family backyard. This allowed us to start as soon as they were ready, and when Ellie needed a quick snack, the kitchen was close.

We were able to use every moment that Ellie gave us and got some great images!

baby photo black and white outside session

one year old baby session outside

family session with baby black and white portraits

family photo with one year old in front outdoors

Grape Vines In The Winery Vineyard

grape vine in winery vineyard grapes for wine at winery

I started vineyard management classes last February. We are now into the summer management classes, working to improve the grape canopy. These are images of the Winery at Kirkwood’s vineyard, during yesterday’s walk-about. The grapes are growing well, and in about another 5 weeks, it will be time to start harvesting those grapes to make the wine!

How to Map Out Your Holiday Weekend Wedding Itinerary

I have an article on Hearts On Fire, a global diamond company, that I think you’ll enjoy! Check it out for my wedding planning advice!

A holiday weekend is a smart way to get more fun out of your wedding itinerary. There are many great reasons to have a holiday weekend wedding: three-day weekends, such as Memorial Day or even Columbus Day weekend allow extra opportunities for you to socialize with your guests, you’ll always have your anniversary close to a holiday, and when you have a Sunday wedding, out-of-town guests have more time to travel.

However, before you decide on a holiday weekend for your wedding date, there are some things you should keep in mind:

  • Do your guests already have long-standing plans?
  • Will venue availability be a problem?
  • Can your wedding weekend also be a family or friends reunion? 

Read the whole article on Hearts on Fire about for tips about planning your long-weekend wedding itinerary with “Holiday Weekend Considerations” and also “How to Make Your Wedding Double as a Reunion.” I give some good wedding planning advice so you can have a fabulous holiday wedding weekend!

Source: How to Map Out Your Holiday Weekend Wedding Itinerary

Why You Should Consider a Multi-Venue Wedding

I have an article on Hearts On Fire, a global diamond company, that I think you’ll enjoy!

Have you always dreamed of getting married on the beach, but also want an elegant, formal reception? Or, maybe you want a traditional church ceremony, but your first dance as a married couple to take place outside, under the stars.

Luckily, you can have it all. Brides and grooms are no longer keeping their weddings confined to just one location. Whether you plan to start your wedding day with brunch or continue the evening with an after-party, having a change of venue will only add to the fun. Here are a few reasons why you should consider having a multi-venue wedding:

  • You Want a Sentimental or Offbeat Location
  • You Will Save Money on Decor
  • Smaller Spaces Can Make Large Affairs Feel Intimate
  • A Change of Scenery Adds Entertainment
  • You Want the Wedding Celebration to Continue (This is an especially good reason! As the popularity of after-parties grows, brides and grooms are planning an additional venue to keep the party going after the reception ends.)

Hop over to my article on Hearts on Fire to read all the details!

bride groom getting married in wedding church

Source: Why You Should Consider a Multi-Venue Wedding