Client Raves

This lovely note from the bride just warms our hearts!

“The album is absolutely beautiful. I started to tear up because of how wonderful every page looks! I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and time you put into making the album. Neil is impressed with the result of the album too! I am so happy with the beauty of the pictures, the efficiency of the process and how helpful you were and how fast everything went!

Thank you for everything!

Kim and Neil”

Cheers to this Brewery-Based Big Day

We are so excited to be featured on Wisconsin Bride! Check out the story!



View the feature online here: Wisconsin Bride

When you mention beer, bacon, and Bucky, you’re more likely to think Wisconsin Badgers tailgate and less likley that of a happy couple’s elegant union of love. However, once you see the amazing pictures of Vicki and Matt’s wedding captured by Appleby Photography, you’ll never think the same of those three words again.

The couple met in a beer bar and fell in love over their craft pints. Not ones for fussy affairs, Vicki and Matt knew that brews had to be a part of their big day. While some couples might simply have a beer specially brewed for the occasion, Vicki and Matt went all out, weaving the beer theme into just about every detail of their day. Our favorite? The bouquets and boutonnieres featuring hops and wheat–two base ingredients for many beers. But that certainly isn’t all. See the amazing pairing job they pulled off…

From the bride:

When planning our wedding, Matt and I had three goals: Make sure that everyone has fun, eat good food, and drink good beer. I think it’s fair to say we accomplished all three.

Neither one of us are stuffy ballroom types, so we were looking for a relaxed atmosphere for our reception. We’re both beer nerds, and met at a beer bar. So, when I found out there was a new brewery opening in Verona that would have an event space, it was a natural choice. Besides hosting our reception at a brewery, we incorporated our love of beer in small ways, too–hops in the bouquet and boutonnieres, coasters as placecards, beer boot toasting glasses, wheat and barley centerpieces, and a beer crate card box. We also included our favorite beer festival food–bacon on a stick, which proved to be a huge hit with our guests.

Our wedding day could not have been more perfect. It was filled with love, laughter, good friends and family, and great food and beer. And Bucky.

New Ideas For Old Photographs

Have you wondered what to do with your kid’s school photos, your photo booth images or the disk from your wedding?

I have just the idea: Photo Christmas Ornaments!

–You always seem to end up with too many of those little school wallets. Have your kids craft simple ornaments from paper, wood sticks or craft foam and attach the photo, which make perfect gifts for grandparents, aunts and uncles.

–You know there are some hilarious photos from your photo booth. While I’m not saying these could be blackmail photos for your friends, they could make some funny gifts. Print out the series of images for ornaments or frames.

Check out this pinterest board for these ideas and more.

Simple Ways To Celebrate

Are you looking for new ways to add meaning to your holidays?
Show your thankful spirit by writing 2 or 3 thank you cards and mailing them to people that have helped you over the last year.
Celebrate St. Nicholas Day on December 6th. For those that may not know about this one, kids leave their shoes outside their bedroom doors and St. Nicholas stops by during the night, leaving kids a small treat. For an added twist, St. Nicholas could leave older kids a craft they can complete and then give to someone.
Start a family tradition. They don’t have to be elaborate- and you’re more likely to continue them if they’re not. We like to give our kids new pajamas every Christmas eve so we know they’ll look good for photos the next morning. Pick your favorite thing to create your own tradition: maybe silly slippers or ugly holiday sweaters. Or make it a tradition that everyone gets a movie DVD or a book.

Long time, no see!

Life has been busy and blogging took a seat in the “way-way back.” I am now attempting to get back into the groove.

Our website is new and improved. It’s Simple, clean and very pretty. It’s now have a “responsive” design that changes to the device that you use to access it, making it easier to use and with less clicking around to find what you need. The best thing is that it’s 100% HTML, so it’s completely compatible with iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices. (No flash!)

We have moved!

The hard truth that house renovating takes far longer than you ever, EVER, expect is our reality right now. Construction dust may never settle. But I now understand the appeal of pinterest… While we’ve switched home-base, we still work both in Madison and Cedar Rapids, still cultivate the Badger/Hawkeye rivalry, still cheer for the Packers and still drink Spotted Cow.

Our oldest started high school this fall and loves it. Our middle two have adjusted quite fine to elementary school. Our youngest is in 4K and continues to give us a run for our money. People like to say it’s because he’s the youngest, but those that have met him know he just does things his own way. Luckily, he’s hilarious and cute. 🙂

Wedding Planning, By The Numbers

Wedding Planning – By The Numbers (larger)

We have a booth at the January Wedding Planner & Guide bridal show every year, showing off our photography and the photo booth. This year, the weather was unseasonably warm, reaching into the 30’s! (Sad, I know, but the show usually falls on the coldest weekend of the year. That came the week before.) Hopefully you had a chance to stop by and check out our newest albums. If not, call and we can set up a time to meet and we’ll show you!

After the show was done, WP&G sent out some stats, based on brides and grooms’ responses to survey questions. It’s a little geeky, but having all those numbers really made me want to put together an infographic. There were more stats, but I thought these would be the most interesting for brides and grooms to see.

So, enjoy my geekiness.