Wedding Album | Shelby & Jeff

I love being able to show off what our clients’ finished wedding albums look like. It’s such a better way for couples to savor the images, them being able to pour over each photograph, instead of just looking at a small proof booklet or seeing them online. Brides and grooms are always amazed at how much better it is to see their wedding photographs in an actual album.

I worked with Shelby and Jeff to create a beautiful album for them that I want to share. Also, if you want to see more images from their wedding (and you really do–it was an amazing event!), you can see the sneak peek here, details about their venue Oak Hill, and a lot of photos from their whole wedding, which was featured on the Corridor Wedding Guide.

It was so important to have to the details from the day in the album. This is what you spend so much time working on as you plan, yet the details are some of the things you forget first. Capturing them in the album will help you remember all the important elements of the day.

Shelby and Jeff had a lot of special details, too. Like the childhood photo collages that they displayed in the old school house for people to see during the cocktail hour. And the candy buffet at the old general store. And even details that showed off their personality and relationship. Because they love going to breweries together, Shelby and Jeff used beer “growlers” (large brown jugs breweries will use to send you home with their beer from their kegs) with flowers in them as center pieces for their reception tables.

Here is the finished wedding album for Shelby and Jeff, showing off all those details, family groups and the fun photographs of them, as a newly married couple.

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