Real Wedding, Part 2 | Kristin & Brody

Last week, Kristin shared about her engagement to Brody. You can read about it and see some wedding photographs here. This week, we’ll hear about their Real Wedding details, which took place in Dubuque, Iowa and included location photography at Mines of Spain Park.

What was the theme and color palette for your wedding day?
Once in Cedar Rapids, we realized this is where we really want to be. Our wedding had to be in Iowa. We didn’t really want anything over the top, just a big enough space for our big families and friends and something fun. Our colors were eggplant and light gray. We never really got an official color! His favorite color is red and mine is blue. We decided it wasn’t fair to do one of those, so combined they make purple.

What was your most memorable wedding moment or favorite part of your wedding?
One of the most memorable parts of our wedding was our officiant who couldn’t pronounce my name right during the ceremony! We’d met previously and she didn’t mispronounce it then, so I don’t know what happened. Taking pictures beforehand and catching up with friends and family follow.

What advice would you have for other couple’s getting married?
My advice: if you have a really opinionated husband-to-be, be prepared to fight for what you really want. I never had a childhood dream of the perfect wedding, but I always wanted something small. He definitely disagreed. And he had an opinion on everything. It was frustrating at the time, but that was further proof that I could marry him and not kill him. Don’t let others barge in and try to make decisions for you. It’s not worth your sanity or time. We had a nit-picky aunt. Don’t let anything stress you out. There’s always a workaround and people willing to help if needed.

What do the wedding photographs mean to you? Why are they important?
Wedding photos. Oh goodness, I was so excited once I got the proofs in my hand. They allow to relive that day and remember the things your brain wasn’t focused on at the time. I passed my proof book around my family and shared stories and even memories of previous times.

It’s interesting to see what others thought of your dress, flowers, decorations, speeches, cake, and even the photo booth. (We’re going to be putting together a collage of some of the goofy pictures from the photo booth, too!) You get that family photo that’s treasured. You get that feeling full of love over and over again looking at your pictures.

Thank you to Kristin and Brody for sharing about their special day, from the engagement and the wedding details to how they felt about the photographs after the wedding.